Geospatial AI And The New Italian Renaissance


However, rural Tuscany has a relatively low population density and, despite the size of its network, AdF serves only around 400,000 customers. Their mission to become a data-driven utility led to an initial deployment of Rezatec’s Geospatial AI Pipeline Risk product across 674 km of the AdF water network in a pilot programme launched in January 2021. The Pipeline Risk tool assesses these parameters against several years of historical network failure data to characterise the risk factors. Indeed, in adopting the Rezatec tool, AdF has joined much larger players, such as the Italian multi-utility HERA, in using high-tech geospatial AI solutions. Of these nine, six fall in an area showed as very high criticality, two in high criticality areas, and just one in a low criticality area as determined by the geospatial AI model.