Local authorities use Esri GIS to modernise planning

Source: gisuser.com

They have developed several projects to address typical challenges encountered in planning, such as enhancing community engagement, optimizing the use of 3D visualizations, and streamlining developer contributions. Nottingham City Council conducted a pilot project that showed the effectiveness of 3D visualizations integrated with other existing data to enable the simultaneous assessment of constraints and effects. Stephen Croney, the Head of Sector for Land, Property, and Planning at Esri UK, explained that these pilot projects explore digital approaches to common challenges faced by local planning authorities, all aimed at making the planning process more efficient and user-friendly. ArcGIS Hub, Esri UK’s community engagement platform, was used to create the pilot project, which keeps citizens informed through social media and asks for their feedback on the primary planning concerns within their community. Esri UK’s clients include the Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, the NHS, and over 200 local authorities in England and Wales.