Explore the potential of location intelligence

Source: ukauthority.com

The Covid-19 pandemic added fuel to the appreciation of the value of location data in the public sector. It is a subject on which many are eager to improve their understanding, identify opportunities and pitfalls in making more of the location data held by themselves and third parties. We need to explore how to take the data into the realm of intelligence, providing organisations with fresh insights for their planning and operations.


Mapping the path to climate resilience

Source: wiredprnews.com

AT&T is taking action Climate Resilience Project, using spatial data analysis and location information on how stronger storms can affect infrastructure, such as cell towers and the ability of telecommunications to serve customers. “Spatial analysis is this way of going beyond what we see visually,” explains Lauren Bennett, head of spatial analysis and data science at Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Esri. Laboratory company asset data and climate data can cover volumes of different information in location, display and analysis. Layered on the map is an analysis of climate change data commissioned by AT&T to Argonne. Argonne and AT&T co-created the Climate Change Analysis Tool to predict the frequency, extent, and location of floods, high-speed winds, fires, and droughts.