Ousted Mali president Keita leaves country as transition talks begin

For a medical treatment in Abu Dhabi the president Keita leaves Mali. The president was hospitalized in the capital Bamako. Bamako is the capital and largest city of Mali, and currently estimated to be one of the fastest growing city in Africa. It is located in the southwestern part of the country. Bamako is the nation’s administrative center, as well as a river port and a major regional trade center. Manufactures include textiles, processed meat and metal goods.

Bamako, Mali © OpenStreetMap contributors

The Modibo Keita International Airport is located in Senou the southern downtown of Bamako. Next to the airport the Air Base 101 is used by the Mali Air Force. Soumaila Cisse was welcomed at the airport by his supporters from the Union for the Republic and Democracy party. Cisse was kidnapped while he was campaigning for legislative elections. He is one of Mali’s most prominent opposition leaders and served as Minister of Finance from 1993–2000.

Senou, Bamako, Mali © OpenStreetMap contributors

Source: reuters.com