TRC Acquires Locana: A Leap Forward in Geospatial Technologies


In a significant development in the world of geospatial technologies, TRC Companies, Inc., a global consulting, engineering, and construction management firm, has announced the acquisition of Locana, a global leader in location intelligence. This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in the expansion of TRC’s digital transformation strategy and its growth across Europe.

A Strategic Move

The acquisition of Locana is a strategic move by TRC to enhance its geospatial capabilities. Locana, known for its cutting-edge geospatial technologies, brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to TRC. This acquisition will enable TRC to offer more comprehensive and advanced solutions to its clients, thereby strengthening its position in the market.

The Power of Location Intelligence

Location intelligence, the cornerstone of Locana’s offerings, is a rapidly growing field that leverages geographic contexts to gain insights into data. By integrating Locana’s location intelligence capabilities, TRC is poised to deliver more precise and actionable insights to its clients, driving more informed decision-making and better business outcomes.

Growth and Expansion

This acquisition also signifies TRC’s commitment to expanding its footprint across Europe. With Locana’s strong presence in the European market, TRC is well-positioned to extend its reach and deliver its suite of services to a broader client base.

Looking Ahead

As TRC embarks on this new journey with Locana, it looks forward to unlocking new opportunities and achieving new milestones in the realm of geospatial technologies. The combined strengths of TRC and Locana are set to usher in a new era of innovation and growth in the industry.