Orbital Insight Integrates with Esri ArcGIS Platform to Streamline Satellite and Sensor Imagery Analysis

Source: itnewsonline.com

With the adoption of Esri’s ArcGIS Platform, Orbital Insight is making it easier for its users to integrate with ArcGIS and analyze their data. The integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Platform provides an integral reference point for analysts, as well as a more cohesive and natural user experience. They plan to incorporate Esri’s geocoding technology into Orbital Insight GO. „Making that seamless was a really big hit,“ said Jens Tellefsen, senior vice president of product and design for Orbital Insight. The increasing customer overlap between the two companies was a primary driver for Orbital Insight, to adopt ArcGIS Platform.


Aerial survey of Dubai: Watch how it is done by Dubai Municipality

Source: gulfnews.com

Dubai Municipality has set new standards of technological excellence with its advanced aerial photography project currently being implemented using specialised survey aircraft. The aerial photography survey that has a high accuracy of 10 centimetres is one of the most important strategic projects being implemented by Dubai Municipality’s GIS Centre as part of its GeoDubai initiative. Maryam Obaid Al Muhairi, Director of the GIS Centre, said photographing and aerial surveying goes through many stages. Advanced technologies like automatic detection of changes in the available geospatial data and geospatial Artificial Intelligence optimize the extraction and update operations of geospatial data.


View from India : Using satellite imagery to glean location intelligence

Source: eandt.theiet.org

Satellite imagery could give inputs on location intelligence, which includes the development of land for specific time periods. Stanford University has predicted poverty levels using night-time satellite imagery, as well as per capita economic expenditure across continents. It also needs to be seen if satellite imagery can help determine the wealth levels of individuals. Satellite imagery has revealed that residents belonging to certain parts of south and north India were financially better off than their counterparts in Bihar and north-east India. It can leverage geospatial tech tools for culling out information derived from the geospatial data and satellite imagery. Geospatial data and satellite images bring us close to real-time feeds and have diverse applications.