1 shot and killed as Trump supporters and protesters clash in Portland

The protests continued in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Jakob Blake was shot serveral times in the back by a police officer and a teenager shot two people dead at a protest days later.

Kenosha, Wisconsin © OpenStreetMap contributors

Source: cbsnews.com


Hurricane Laura decimates Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Hurricane Laura is a Category 4 storm with a kind of „unsurvivable“ storm surge like power outages and dangerous winds up to 150 mph. The experts of the National Hurricane Center expects catastrophic damage in Louisiana.

Louisana, US © OpenStreetMap contributors

A lot of people in Louisana refused to leave their homes. People located in Beaumont, Galveston and Port Arthur were ordered to evacuate as the storm approached.

Beaumont, Louisana © OpenStreetMap contributors
Galveston, Louisana © OpenStreetMap contributors
Port Arthur, Louisana © OpenStreetMap contributors

Source: usatoday.com


Belarus opposition figures in court after night in jail

In Minsk two leaders of the opposition in Belarus appeared in court after a night in jail. There are more mass demonstrations planned against President Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus © OpenStreetMap contributors

Minsk is a second-level administrative subdivision of Belarus in the Minskaja Voblasć. The administrative seat is the city of Minsk, which is administratively separated from the subdivision.

Minsk, Belarus © OpenStreetMap contributors

Source: yahoo.com


Hundreds of thousands of California residents flee as wildfires continue to rage

Dry lightning and dusty winds are the results of the fires in California. Red-flag warnings across northern and central california. The fire-fighters are tackling the hotspots in Boulder Creek, California.

Boulder Creek, California © OpenStreetMap contributors

Dangerous fires are also arising from the Santa Cruz Mountains. Usually these fires were ignited by lightning strikes.

Santa Cruz, California © OpenStreetMap contributors

Several counties including Sonoma, Napa and Solano are fighting the fires. Lightning storms could spark new blazes across these counties of Northern California.

Sonoma, Napa and Solano, California © OpenStreetMap contributors

Source: dailymail.co.uk


Seoul mandates face masks as South Korea battles spike in coronavirus

The mental health has worsened since the COVID-19 outbreak. IBM Korea had used an artificial intelligence program to analyze the captured data.

All over the world the social distancing guidelines are too indispensable.

Seoul, South Korea © OpenStreeMap contributors

Source: reuters.com


U.S.-led troops withdraw from Iraq’s Taji base

Iraq’s Taji base is a military camp also known as „Camp Cooke“ used by coalition forces, near the city Taji, Iraq. The camp is located in a rural region north of the city of Baghdad.

„Camp Cooke“, Iraq © OpenStreetMap contributors

Source: aljazeera.com


California lightning fires advance on towns

The fire crews deploying water-dropping helicopters made a defensive stand against flames raging in the foothills of the Napa Valley wine region as forecasts called for a return of dangerous high winds and hot weather.

Firefighters were battling the fire, which broke out near the resort community of Calistoga, north of San Francisco.

Calistoga, north of San Francisco © OpenStreetMap contributors

Source: reuters.com


Starting the geospatial intelligence blog

What does geospatial intelligence mean?

For me, geospatial intelligence means monitoring human activities by getting insights from location based informations.

In the current decade using open source intelligence is one of the most important intelligence disciplines.

„I do not know what I do not know!?!“

Let us take a look back …

Wikipedia started as an open collaboration project in 2001.

The Open Streetmap project was created by Steve Coast in 2004.

Since 2005 a crowdsourced geographical database named GeoNames was founded.

2020 I just started this blog based on geospatial intelligence. Stay tuned.